Professional Development

The Catholic Education Office (The CEO), in collaboration with the Catholic Education Development Committee and the Central Management Committee for Diocesan Schools, regularly organizes diverse professional development training and conferences for personnel at all levels in diocesan schools. The CEO also invites personnel from religious orders and Caritas schools to participate in some of these activities.


School Supervisors

  • Diocesan School Supervisor Professional Exchange Meetings
  • Catholic School Leaders Learning Circle Programme
  • Induction Course for Newly Appointed School Supervisors


School Managers

  • Training for School Managers (Including the educational philosophy and five core values of Catholic schools, human resources and financial management, ordinances and regulations related to school governance, school crisis management and response to media enquiries, etc.)
  • Induction Course for Newly Appointed School Managers


School Principals

  • “Spiritual Leadership” Retreat
  • Mentoring in Christ for New Principals


School Middle Managers

  • Catholic Aspiring Leaders Learning Programme


Teachers and Other Staff

  • Induction Course for Newly Appointed Catholic School Teachers
  • Mental Health First Aid – Basic Course
  • Primary School Student Counseling Personnel Exchange, Training, and Meetings
  • Information Technology Development Task Force Professional Exchange Activities (Organized by the Central Management Committee for Diocesan Schools)


Religious Education Teachers and Teaching Assistants (Pastoral Workers)

  • Please refer to the website of the Religious and Moral Education Section (RMES) for details.
  • Catholic School Religious Education Support Peer Mentoring Program
  • Religious and Moral Education Department Teacher Professional Development Activities
  • Teaching Assistant (Pastoral Worker) Professional Development Day


Human Resources and Financial Management Staff

  • Seminars on “How to Prepare for School Audits?”
  • Seminars on “How to Prepare for the Annual School Budget?”
  • Introduction to Understanding Audit Reports
  • Annual Seminar on Human Resources Management – “Matters Concerning Staff Appointment”


School Executive Officers

  • Training Courses for School Executive Officers


Spiritual Nurturing

  • Retreats for Catholic School Supervisors/Principals/Teachers/Pastoral Workers (Organized by the Catholic Education Development Committee)


Special Events

  • Seminar on the Impact and Insights of the Implementation of the “Law of the PRC on Safeguarding National Security” in Hong Kong
  • Symposium on “Concerns About Student Suicide and Mental Health Issues”